Monday October the 17th

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Warm up: One lap. Knees high. Knees back. Side to side both sides.

5 minutes at 5 stations. Strict standards apply. Score is max reps for each station:
• Jumping/kipping pull-ups
• Air Squat
• Push ups
• Ball slams
• Run for metres between markers (score is metres divided by 10)

2 rounds.

• 10 burpees
• 10 strict pushups
• 20 goblet squats
• 20 kb swings
• 20 push press

Agility course.
3 times up
3 times back.


5 x 5 scores for the 17th of October

The 5 x 5 set is done as a performance parametric. Results have been recorded and the workout will be repeated. Without some form of measurement performance is difficult to perceive and even more difficult to achieve.
Results are not necessarily to compare to each other but to compare with yourself over time. I leave the initials cryptic because no one reading this has to know specifically who achieved what. If you were there you know who these people are.

• Where you start makes a difference. In this round we had to start at different points due to equipment restrictions. We won’t have this restriction next time. The points difference due to this is not enough to drastically alter the results.
• Power to weight ratio becomes a very important concept. In some other exercises body weight is an advantage. In this exercise the smaller/trained up guys do well (this is not to say size is an excuse).
• Weaknesses become very clear and indicate factors that need to be included in a training strategy. This is partly why we do this.
• Air squats can hurt.
• Learning to kip will give you higher numbers on the pullups. If you learn this skill before the next time we do this your score will jump. Higher numbers don’t necessarily give you better over all ability. You know what method you have used. Kidding yourself that you were doing strict full ROM pullups won’t get you anywhere. Be honest with yourself and you will improve.
• I would probably be a bit clearer on the standards for ball slams next time.

Good work!

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    Nice session.